Teeth Whitening

A simple solution that can boost self-confidence

Have you ever thought about having a brighter, cleaner, whiter smile? Or maybe you’ve tried a few methods and still not quite got the result you hoped for.

Let our experts treat you to a full course of professional tooth whitening – we know you’ll LOVE the results.
The good news is it is really simple to do and we have had 100% success with the professional, gentle and safe system that we use.

Teeth whitening is a simple solution that can immediately improve the colour of your teeth and boost your self-confidence.

Christchurch Teeth Whitening

Why Have Whitening Now?

You may have an important event coming up, such as a wedding or holiday or a big birthday that you want to look your best for. All we need is a couple of weeks before the event to deliver you these fantastic results…how exciting!

Teeth Whitening Dentist Dorset

Do Teeth Darken? 

Yes your teeth can change colour as you get older, and what you eat and drink, certain medications and other habits such as smoking can affect their colour too. Additionally a build up of calculus (tartar) can lead to yellow-looking teeth.
But don’t worry our experts will be able to tailor your whitening treatment to specifically get the results you want.

Your Whitening Consultation

Your smile is unique to you, and our clinicians understand that your reasons are personal too. Our dentists will expertly assess your teeth to arrive at the best course of treatment specifically for you.