Dental Implants

A simple solution that can boost self-confidence

Most of us take our teeth for granted, but they are so much more than just tools for eating.

Dental implants are made from a titanium which acts as a replacement ‘root’ of a missing tooth and is able to support a single or several false teeth in the form of crowns, bridges or dentures. There are a number of good reasons to choose implants including giving your face and smile support, leaving your mouth more comfortable and making you feel more confident.

Teeth provide the face with structure. You’ll know what that means if you’ve ever seen someone without their full set of teeth. Their mouth has that ‘caved in’ look until they put their dentures in. 

Having dental implants can take years off your face if you have gaps or old dentures and can give a more youthful appearance.

Case Study

The pictures are of Emma our practice manager. Unfortunately for Emma two of her adult teeth didn’t come through and she was left with a baby tooth in situ. Because these teeth have shorter roots they became wobbly and Emma wanted them replaced with an implant. The X-ray is of her implant and as you can see, she has now a natural smile again.

Better Dental Hygiene

No special treatments are required here. Your implants will be easy to take care of. Just treat them as you would normal teeth. Brush them well and regularly, using a good brand of toothpaste. Flossing and regular visits to your local dentist will keep them in good condition. Early signs of trouble can be spotted by your dentist and dealt with.